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Plate Rolling

Plate rollingEldred Sheet Metal Works, LLC offers plate rolling services. Eldred can roll round bar, flat bar, sheet or plate from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and various alloys for your fabrication needs. We can roll your sheet or plate into various diameters and lengths . Eldred can also roll your items in varying degrees (such as 180 degrees) as segments for diameters greater than 7 feet or projects requiring segmented parts.

Check out our recently added 1/2" Plate Roll.

Our plate rolling process starts by determining the flat layout or stretch out of the piece to be rolled.  Then Eldred preforms the ends of the material to the desired radius. Eldred will preform on the press brake the minimum length required based upon the thickness of the material and the equipment used to roll the sheet or plate. The preforming step prevents “flat spots” which results in a more uniform and accurate finished product. The material is then rolled on the plate roll to the desired diameter. Eldred uses a radius guage to check and verify the correct diameter. Once the material is rolled to the correct diameter, it will be tack welded. Eldred can tack weld or weld your projects. Great care will be taken to insure that the finished product is within +/- 1% of the desired diameter.

Some of the items Eldred has fabricated by rolling sheet and plate include:

*Material thickness determines the length and diameter that can be rolled. Eldred utilizes five different sheet and plate rolls to fabricate your rolled parts. Send Eldred your request for quote for review and let us determine if it is within our equipment capabilities.

When you partner with Eldred you can be assured your project will be of the best quality. Our desire is to provide you with personal attention, better quality, and excellent service!


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