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Metal Punching

Metal PunchingEldred Sheet Metal Works, LLC offers metal punching service utilizing 125 ton and 60 ton Kingsland Ironworkers. Eldred can punch holes, oval slots, square slots, notches, and virtually holes (for which a die is made) of any shape up to 2” in diameter and up to 5/8” thick material. In addition to metal punching, Eldred can shear angle, round bar, square bar, flat bar, channel, joists, and tee sections utilizing the ironworkers.

The punching process starts with the operator making a pattern or template for the center points of each hole or slot. The operator then places the pattern over the material and pricks the material with a punch to transfer the layout to the material. The operator then places the material in the machine square and processes the punch. If the punching process is repetitive, the operator may utilize a guage to mark the hole or slot placement to increase productivity. For some holes and slots the material may need to be punched several times to achieve the desire size.

Items Eldred has fabricated requiring holes, slots and notches:

  • Freight Skids
  • Gauge Panels
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Machine Guards
  • Magnetic Shields
  • Metal Enclosures
  • Pad Eyes
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Protector Rings

Send Eldred your request for quote for review and let us determine if it is within our equipment and fabrication capabilities. When you partner with Eldred you can be assured your project will be of the best quality. Our desire is to provide you with personal attention, better quality, and excellent service!


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