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Fabricated Metal Cylinders, Rings, Pipe, and Pipe Fittings

Fabricated metal cylinder and pipeEldred Sheet Metal fabricates custom metal cylinders and custom metal rings to your specifications. We can fabricate custom pipe, and custom pipe tees and elbows from carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and various alloy materials. Custom cylinders are fabricated for tanks, piping runs, exhaust stacks, hoppers, process systems, concrete moulds, or other items requiring round metal cylinders.

Custom metal cylinder sizes can be fabricated by rolling sheet or plate to the desired radius or diameter. Eldred can fabricate metal pipe, metal rings, or metal cylinders to inside or outside diameter dimensions.  The diameter of a cylinder is determined by measuring across the width of the opening or cylinder.  Diameters as small as 6" and up to 76" can be fabricated from sheets 240" in length.  Larger diameters up to 120" can be fabricated from multiple segments. 

The metal cylinder fabrication process starts by determining the flat layout or stretch out of the piece to be rolled.  Then Eldred preforms the ends of the material to the desired radius. Eldred will preform on the press brake the minimum length required based upon the thickness of the material and the equipment used to roll the sheet or plate. The preforming step prevents “flat spots” which results in a more uniform and accurate finished product. The material is then rolled on the plate roll to the desired diameter. Eldred uses a radius guage to check and verify the correct diameter. Once the material is rolled to the correct diameter, it will be tack welded. Eldred can tack weld or weld complete to your specification pending Eldred weld shop approval within our shop capabilities. Great care will be taken to insure that the finished product is within +/- 1/8 inch of the desired diameter.

Typical metal cylinders are made in 1"-72" lengths.  For longer lengths, multiple cylinders can be fabricated to make the longer length.  For example, if a 20'-0" cylinder is needed, we can fabricate 4 pieces 60" L that can then be welded together to make 20'-0".  Lengths over 72" cannot be shipped tacked welded as the stress on the tack weld will cause failure during shipping.  In this situation, it is recommended to ship shorter lengths for final assembly and welding on site.  Eldred can provide complete welding services to your welding procedures or ours.  Eldred maintains welders who are certified to AWS D1.1 and ASME Section IX welding specifications up to 1" thick carbon and stainless materials.

Fabricated metal elbows

For pipe elbows, tees, wyes, and transitions, Eldred uses the latest software to design and layout flat patterns.  The flat patterns are then nested and plasma cut using our CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. Once cut, the patterns are then preformed and rolled just like the cylinders. 

Thicker material sometimes requires a beveled long seam for welding purposes.  Please specify if your project requires welding prep.  Eldred can bevel to your specifications. 

*Material thickness determines the length and diameter that can be rolled. Eldred utilizes five different sheet and plate rolls to fabricate your rolled parts.

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